For guidelines on color and instructions on how to submit a print job click the links below.

SFNM Color Guidelines

The following steps will enable more consistent color reproduction on the KBA Comet coldset press, which was SNAP certified in 2019. SNAP stands for Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production. Visit for more information.

Photoshop Training

for Newpaper Printing

Color Management, Newspaper Offset Printing, Specifications for Newspaper Advertising Production, Digital Imaging / Toning Workflow using Adobe Photoshop.

FTP Package Instructions

FTP Package Upload Instructions:

To post PDFs to the SFNM FTP site you will need FTP software such as Fetch or Transmit.

 Web Upload:

No FTP software, click on this link in order to upload via any web browser.  

Email Upload:

You can email your attached documents to and get a reply back when your files are received.