The hardness that results from UV printing yields a durable product that will sustain repeated handling and improved resistance. Thanks to an added protection against sunlight discoloration, prolonged exposure will have virtually no impact on your documents.

Ultra-Violet Gloss Printing

This efficient press offers high productivity on small, medium and long runs. Unlike conventional offset printing, UV printing uses a specialized ink that is exposed to ultraviolet light as it passes through the press. The ink goes immediately from a liquid to a solid state without using any solvents. UV printing is a solvent-free process which means that the paper does not absorb excess solvent. The absence of solvent residue translates into crisp images and vibrant colors. These vivid results, and the bright and glossy finish of UV coatings, will make your projects simply spectacular.

We offer our clients a wide selection of gloss coated and uncoated stocks of various weights. The Didde can also inline score, die cut, UV coat and fold.

What we print:

  • Booklet Gloss Covers

  • Brochures

  • Magazine Gloss Covers

  • Maps

  • Posters

  • Promotional Products

  • Single Sheets (Double Side Color)

Press Specifications:

UV Didde Press

   - Four-color two-sided pieces

   - Produces up to 12,000 impressions per hour

   - 300 dots per inch

   - Page formats 17.5" width and 22" cutoff
   - Full-color capacity on every page